Welcome to Conditionmeter.com

Conditionmeter is a comprehensive asset management tool equipped with online dashboards and monitoring systems tailored for administrators, maintenance engineers, and management teams. This web application serves as a reliable platform for keeping a vigilant eye on your assets, preventing any loss of track regarding items that need replacement before expiration, becoming unsafe, or wearing out. Leveraging our proprietary custom software, we have the capability to implement new standards and integrate various asset types seamlessly into this web application.

Revolutionize Your Maintenance Operations with Our Solutions

Are you seeking a streamlined approach to managing corrective maintenance while optimizing your overall maintenance planning? Look no further! Our state-of-the-art CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software provides a comprehensive solution to enhance your maintenance operations and conserve valuable resources.

With our intuitive software and robust process solutions, you can:

  • Efficiently manage corrective maintenance tasks
  • Plan and schedule maintenance activities effortlessly
  • Harness the power of CMMS Software for seamless operations
  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs and maximize savings
  • Enhance efficiency by boosting knowledge exchange through a knowledge database module.
  • Provide a clear explanation of the concepts and detailed instructions on using the training tool. Structure your training sessions using the EDIP method.