Streamlining Asset Management with Conditionmeter

Optimize Your Asset Management and Maintenance

Conditionmeter is your ultimate solution for asset management. Our platform features online dashboards and monitoring systems designed for administrators, maintenance engineers, and management teams. Track assets, prevent loss, and ensure timely replacements with our proprietary software that supports new standards and integrates various asset types seamlessly.

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Our Features

The features of ConditionMeter, designed to revolutionize your asset management and maintenance processes.

Real-time Asset Monitoring

Monitor your assets in real-time to ensure optimal performance and prevent unexpected downtimes.

Centralized Dashboard

Get a comprehensive view of all your assets and maintenance activities from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Streamlined Entity Management

Manage all your assets and entities efficiently with our streamlined management tools.

Standard Checklist Module

Ensure compliance and maintain standards with our built-in checklist module.

Assets Investment Plan and Cost Reporting Module

Plan your asset investments and track costs effectively with our detailed reporting tools.

Predictive Maintenance Alerts

Our advanced platform delivers timely notifications when an asset is nearing the end of its life cycle or requires maintenance, enabling you to take proactive measures.


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See firsthand how our solutions can streamline your asset management and maintenance processes, leading to improved performance and reduced operational costs.

Revolutionize Your Maintenance Operations with Our CMMS Solutions

Seeking a streamlined approach to managing corrective maintenance and optimizing maintenance planning?

Our intuitive software and robust process solutions enable you to:

  • Efficiently manage corrective maintenance tasks
  • Effortlessly plan and schedule maintenance activities
  • Leverage the power of CMMS Software for seamless operations
  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs and maximize savings
  • Boost efficiency with a knowledge database module for enhanced knowledge exchange
  • Get clear explanations of concepts and detailed instructions on using the training tool, structuring training sessions with the EDIP method